There are a number of problems, projects and futures I would love to build or help build. I like working on wicked problems that improve the way humans are able to cooperate with one another, to make better decisions, to create sustianable growth solutions, and to improve the lifes of the people around you, especially those who are different from you.

Reach out if you’re interested in building any of these things. Send me a message at or connect with me on Linkedin.

To Reimagine

  • Taxation
  • Healthcare
  • Hiring
  • Public Service/Civic Participation
  • Community
  • Governance
  • Higher Education
  • Transfers of Wealth
  • Labor Unions

Whys (Questioning assumptions)

  • Is gaming the next large-scale form of human cooperation? (like money, religion, and nations)
  • How capturing data about behavior actually changes behavior (are you shaping the data or is the data shaping you?)
  • Why aren’t there new pricing models?
  • Why do we hire individuals instead of teams?
  • Why is hiring based on pattern matching?
  • Why is college four years long?

Hows (New approaches)

  • Thinking tech (Abductive reasoning technologies)
  • Large scale simulations
  • Affective computing
  • Minimnum viable communities
  • Pay for Value vs Pay for Service
  • Sustainable investing (returns not based on debt that future populations have to pay back/into)
  • Augmented intelligence platforms
  • 21st century design
  • Volumetric data & edge compute
  • Synthetic media
  • Layering digital intelligence into physical structures

Wheres (New markets)

  • Rise of robots/autonomy
  • Esports & gaming
  • Cohort-based learning
  • New frontiers of manufacturing (Syntheic biology, warehouse zero, and sustainibility)
  • Non-permissive logistics
  • Rethinking urban environments
  • Blockchain governance
  • Tech for aging populations
  • Decision science
  • Decentralizing national security operations
  • Outer Space
  • No code rapid prototyping

Whats (Problems to solve)

  • Humans and robots working together
  • Cameras/sensors that count things
  • Understanding intent from imagery
  • Insurance in space
  • Consumer owned career experience records (apple health kit, but for work)
  • Metaverse for learning
  • Passwords from biometric data
  • Human behavior simulators
  • Mapping social networks
  • Organizing businesses around decision making
  • AI integration/AI design
  • Making consumer data more actionable (vs reportable)
  • Qualitative data extration and preprocessing
  • Decision anticipation
  • Diversity of thought and experience
  • Professional Networking & Mentorship
  • Expert Networks
  • Loneliness
  • Layoffs
  • Ageism
  • Getting rid of resumes
  • Future of work (money, meaning, discretion, learning, and connection)
  • Revitalizaing legacy cities

Futurist and Fun Ideas

  • Dogs in Space (I’m not sure humans could have survived on earth without dogs, and I don’t believe we can in space either).
  • Teach a Mars Colony Simulation Class


Chris MacPherson Copyright 2022