• Frog Design (2016-2019)
  • Princeton University (2019-Present)
  • DoD(Afghanistan & Rapid Prototyping) (2010-2011)


  • Human Centered Design
  • Design Strategy
  • Teaching
  • Technology Strategy
  • Scenario Planning & Futurecasting

I define design as the implementation of innovation under specific constraints: the creation of an object, service or experience that can be delivered and that people want to use. Design is closely related to creativity (thinking differently) and innovation (getting a group to adopt a new practice).

Much of my career has been focused on designing innovative (new) things: organizations, products, processes, experiences, and markets. Design often incorporates a creative problem-solving methodology, like agile design or human centered design, depending on the availability of user feedback and how well defined the problem you are trying to solve is.

Good design is about simplicity, benefit, and intuition. A good design can result in beautifully created things, but design can also be quiet, causing you to not even realize a certain kind of functionality or symmetry was there, because what happens just makes sense. While my tech experience is more analytical, my design work focuses more on the human experience, and often focuses the integration of artificial intelligence and related capabilities into design.

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