Creativity, Innovation and Design

I have been teaching “Creativity, Innovation and Design” (ENT200) to undergraduates at Princeton University since 2019. The course mission is to provide students with an understanding of the drivers and processes associated with creativity, innovation and design that are essential to our own personal development but also the well being of society. At its core, this is a course that’s focused not on answering questions, but figuring out what question we, or you, should be asking.

The course begins with a focus on reconnecting students with their personal modes of creativity, and concludes with how one brings creativity out in others. The course draws from readings and case studies on neuroscience, creativity, and innovation as well as activities and group projects on creativity and human-centered design.

The course has received awards for its innovative design as well as delivered real change to Princeton’s campus through student projects.

You can view the syllabus here

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